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Our solutions are vegan, cruelty free and PETA Approved with skin nourishing ingredients.

Solution Basics:

8hr - These solutions must be left on your skin for a suggested minimum time of 8 hours for proper development before rinsing.

Rapid - Depending on skin type this solution will only require 1-4 hours pre-rinse time. Color may not be visible at time of initial rinse but color will deepen over 24 hours post rinse.

Competition Solution - This is an intense bronzer based solution used for various competitions such as: dance, cheer, bodybuilding, bikini and occasional photo shoots. Color depends on needs.

Spray Tan

Skin Prep

  • Exfoliate to remove dry & dead skin, sweat, product buildup from lotions, makeup, perfumes & deodorants

  • Wax & Shave 8-24hrs prior

  • Drink water to hydrate skin

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