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Vegas is known for it's flashy lights and self indulging night life... but the reality is it's full of families and people trying to live their best life. I'm a mom and woman just like every other 'girl next door' trying to balance life, health and looking & feeling my best - not just for my family but for myself. That is exactly why I opened Vegas Spray Tans!


Being a California girl & beach baby, I grew up loving that sunkissed summer glow, but  grew more and more concerned about the damages of sun exposure, potential skin cancer and aging. Someone suggested spray tanning to me years ago and quite honestly it was horrible! EEEK! The idea was amazing but the experience was awful. So I did some digging, found the best schooling available, and Voila, I decided to offer people just like me the best service & experience possible!

I can honestly say I love what I do! I've been blessed to have amazing clients - local, out of state and international! My favorite moment is the smile (and sometimes tears of joy) the moment when that feeling of "Wow, I look amazing" overtakes a client! 

Please look over my site. Send me questions if you have them and remember, you deserve to feel & look your best! Let's get Glowing!

~Melanie Star


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